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AIAWS | November Lunch & Learn

Commercial design increasingly demands high-performance materials and great aesthetics while containing overall project costs. learn about the innovative characteristics of architectural wall panels and how they have emerged as an ideal solution for their design flexibility and efficient installation process

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AIAWS | October Lunch and Learn

This seminar will examine the advancement of radiant heat and sound control for today’s construction, and how it effects the tile and stone industry. Tile and stone have excellent heat conduction qualities, but not as exceptional for sound abatement. Combining the two can be confusing, and if not properly addressed. could cause failure in the tile or stone floor. However, with proper details and specifications, the combination of in floor heat and sound control could offer a long term, maintenance free flooring assembly that adds great value to a project.

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AIAWS | ACTIVATE Charrette with H.O.P.E.

AIA Winston-Salem’s ACTIVATE project planned for October 21st, 2020, will engage our design community in a charrette to explore opportunities within H.O.P.E.’s current facilities for a kitchen classroom. We are actively seeking those in the community with a passion for design to join us for this event! Email president@aiawinstonsalem.org to register.

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AIAWS | *Virtual* September Lunch and Learn

This course explores the process of selecting, specifying and installing high performance resinous floor and wall systems. It familiarizes the attendee with the latest system technologies and applications where these systems provide maximum value.

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ASPIRE IS BACK FOR 2020! Bringing the conference to you Aspire debuted in 2019, transforming the beautiful and vibrant city of Asheville, North Carolina, into a nexus of architecture, design,…
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Learn about the latest trend in interior design: Biophilic Design, which is the incorporation of natural elements using design techniques to improve the environment, employee well-being and productivity. This presentation is more than just theory, it offers case studies and data that back up this type of design and shows how retail, commercial, school, health and hospital buildings and employees can benefit substantially by incorporating the principles of biophilic design. From water features, daylighting, acoustic treatments, sounds and natural imagery to analogs of nature and elevated visual planes, the techniques and materials to invoke them are available for the next generation of design.

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Acoustics in Architecture – A Master Class

Participants will describe impact of background noise on speech and privacy
Participants will discuss acoustical importance of absorptive materials
Participants will describe impact of wall and ceiling construction on acoustics
Participants will list requirements for environmental noise, background noise, speech privacy and sound isolation

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North Carolina Architects

The AIA’s New Sustainable Consultant Scope of Services and Revised Guide

Owners are realizing the value of incorporating sustainable design and materials into their facilities has on the environment, building efficiency, and occupant health. Many owners are now shifting traditional sustainability coordination efforts from architects of record to consultants who specialize in sustainability and may or may not be architects. 

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