lunch and learn

AIAWS | June Lunch and Learn

There are many different options that must be considered when determining the door hardware needed for doorways when planning buildings. This program will cover the different criteria and the applications of locksets and their functions, exit devices, and access control systems. 

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AIAWS | February Lunch & Learn

Provides a comparison of the functional and physical features of PMR systems to conventional low-slope roofing applications and includes a discussion about the ASCE 7 standard and its impact on wind uplift design and how weather events such as hail impact roof design. 

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February O.W.L.S.

Maxson Associates will give an overview of the multiple types of fire and smoke separation defined in the International Building Code and the code requirements for their respective opening protection assemblies, as well as the testing of all discussed assemblies.

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AIAWS | December Lunch and Learn

This course provides an overview of swinging doors, frames, and architectural door hardware. It will cover standard industry nomenclature for hollow metal frames and doors and wood doors. Includes information on mechanical and electronic hardware specification and applications.

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AIAWS | November Lunch & Learn

Commercial design increasingly demands high-performance materials and great aesthetics while containing overall project costs. learn about the innovative characteristics of architectural wall panels and how they have emerged as an ideal solution for their design flexibility and efficient installation process

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AIAWS | *Virtual* September Lunch and Learn

This course explores the process of selecting, specifying and installing high performance resinous floor and wall systems. It familiarizes the attendee with the latest system technologies and applications where these systems provide maximum value.

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