2019 AIA Awards


The 2019 Architecture program celebrates the best contemporary architecture regardless of budget, size, style, or type. These stunning projects show the world the range of outstanding work architects create and highlight the many ways buildings and spaces can improve our lives.

See the thumbnails below for information on each of the award-winning projects.


Arlington Elementary School                                      Casey House

Tacoma, Washington                                                    Toronto, Ontario, Canada


architecture awards           architecture awards

Confluence Park                                                      Crosstown Concourse

San Antonio, Texas                                                   Memphis, Tennessee


                                 architecture awards

Restoration of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia      Smart Factory

Charlottesville, Virginia                                                              Hoffman Estates, Illinois


architecture awards

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture    

Washington, DC


architecture awards                        architecture awards

Starter Home* No. 4-15, Saint Thomas/Ninth               TIRPITZ Museum

New Orleans, LA                                                                  Blåvand, Denmark