AIAU: Acoustics in Open-to-Structure Environments

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AIAU: Acoustics in Open-to-Structure Environments

May 19, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

North Carolina Architects
*1 LU*


As more and more commercial interiors, from offices to schools, veer toward open concepts and exposed structures, the spaces become susceptible to noise. And for occupants, excessive noise can lead to increased stress, lower productivity, decreased focus, and poor communication. This session will help architects understand the challenge by exploring how sound is generated, transmitted, and reverberates. Attendees will learn a simpler approach to sabins, how to calculate absorption, and how to apply that knowledge to designing ceiling systems that hit the sweet spot for noise reduction.

Learning Objectives:
  • Address acoustical design challenges in open-to-structure spaces.
  • Review fundamentals of sound and define key acoustical terms.
  • Explain and compare various measures of sound absorption.
  • Define reverberation time as a key room acoustic design parameter.
  • Examine acoustical treatments best suited for open to structure spaces and review sample reverberation time calculations.