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Acoustics, Technology, and Lighting – The Impact of COVID-19

This session will review the impact COVID-19 will have on building design and systems as it relates to acoustics, technology, and lighting design. Acoustically, the workplace will require redesigning. The current high-density hoteling of workers will not be accepted in the future due to social distancing. This will impact office acoustics as well as noise levels within restaurants.

Over the last 3 months, the A/E industry has found that most of us can work from a laptop and if we have a high-speed connection, can work from home. We have been remotely doing that at client meetings and job sites for years. It is the actual production work that is more efficient on larger and multiple monitors that will create the challenge.

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Acoustics in Architecture – A Master Class

Participants will describe impact of background noise on speech and privacy
Participants will discuss acoustical importance of absorptive materials
Participants will describe impact of wall and ceiling construction on acoustics
Participants will list requirements for environmental noise, background noise, speech privacy and sound isolation

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